AMC of Networking Equipment

We provide AMC of Networking Equipment like Routers/Switches/Firewalls/IP Phones Etc…

In today’s world, Quality IT performance is the key to be a successful organization. A quality IT performance can only be achieved with maintained IT infrastructure. Maintained IT infrastructure is essential for optimal repeat performance in the operation. This is where AMC can help. AMC is Annual Maintenance contract i.e. a service level agreement between customer and support provider. It is designed to keep your IT infrastructure at its best performance so that business performance can be increased at its highest level.

AMC include the following services:

Inventory Management: Regular inventory of a client’s IT equipment provides the client with a ‘real time’ snapshot of the organization’s IT resources.

Equipment Management: Support teams will transfer, connect and examine IT equipment within the client’s facility

Configuration: Configurations of all new IT equipment.


Redeploying an idle asset to another part of an organization is often the most productive use for the asset. Asset redeployment also saves the organization money by eliminating the need to purchase a new asset at current market rates. For effective reuse, another part of the company needs to require an asset of that kind. It must also be practical for the asset to be transferred and deployed at the new location.

The Benefits of AMC:

Management: Focus on the core aspects of your business and leave the worries of non-core activities to someone else without having to commit additional managers or your time to manage a project. Outsourcing companies have their own management.

Capital Conservation: Concentrate financial resources on core business activities vs investing capital in overhead.

Pay once and avail the services numerous times during the year

Pay once and avail the services numerous times during the year

• Regular service and maintenance

• Benefit of having a IT Team just like in house IT Team who understands your business needs

• Keeps your systems up to date & running

• Cuts down the IT Infrastructure costs